Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture Services Mornington Peninsula:

  • Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture? In a nutshell, it involves manually inserting fine filiform needles that are only about as thick as a strand of human hair into specific acupuncture points located on the body. These needles are both single use and sterile, meaning that once a needle has been used in treatment on a patient it is disposed of immediately after and not used on anyone else. These hair thin needles are used to stimulate acupuncture points which are found on the meridians, & the meridian concept plays a vital role in understanding the integration of both the bodies anatomy and function. In Classical Acupuncture philosophy, it is said that when movement is hindered resulting in stagnation of the meridian system, disease and pathology arise. Therefore, reinstating  this ‘movement’ in the meridians via needling the various acupuncture points on the body results in a deep regulation of the various bodily systems, ameliorating the patients symptoms & ultimately improving the patients overall health and state of being. View More

  • MoxibustionAcupuncture Services - Kyotoshin Moxibustion

Moxibustion refers to the precise burning of a processed herb (mugwort) over or on various acupuncture points in order to engage their effects. Moxibustion comes in various shapes, preparations & sizes and can be applied in many ways depending on the effect and heat sensation one wishes to induce. It can be used as a highly effective primary mode of treatment for various ailments or it can also be incorporated with any of the other of the listed therapies to induce optimal health benefits. View More

  • Acupressure

The term acupressure relates to using ones fingers/hands to stimulate & engage the chosen acupuncture points, rather than needles. Acupressure is an ideal form of stand alone therapy for individuals who are particularly weary of needles and is also a pivotal part in the total treatment process. View More

  • Cupping

Cupping involves the use of suction glass or plastic cups on the body in order to increase microcirculation to the periphery of the body. In so doing, fascial and muscular tightness & adhesions can be gently broken down freeing up the associated tissues & releasing muscular/fascial tension. View More

  • Gua Sha (spooning/skin scraping)

Gua Sha involves the use of a smooth generally rounded edge i.e. a ceramic Chinese soup spoon, which is drawn over specific meridians/and or muscle groups. The result in doing so is that microcirculation is brought to the peripheral tissues, fascial adhesions are broken down and a deep muscular and fascial release occurs.

  • Magnet Therapy

The use of magnets for pain management is both renowned & well known world wide. However, small korean hand magnets can also be used to effectively engage acupuncture points and improve a wide range of signs and symptoms. Magnet therapy can be used as a stand alone form of therapy for needle weary patients or incorporated as a highly effective adjunctive method in the treatment process.