Acupressure is a broad term that basically relates to the direct application of pressure to individual or various acupuncture points found on the body. Its main intention is to engage and activate the chosen acupuncture points and associated tissues via pressure to induce the desired health promoting effects. Generally, acupressure is implemented via hand and finger contact directly on the skin or by using a towel/sheet as a medium through which to transfer pressure. Some practitioners use an array of ‘probes’ of various materials and sizes which can allow for a more precise or dispersed pressure application. Acupressure is an amazing, safe and effective form of therapy which can be administered by a qualified practitioner or self-administered by any individual who has received the appropriate guidance.

As this effective form of ‘hands on’ therapy can be self-administered with little to no side effects, and can play such a vital role in the preservation of health and wellbeing, I have provided links directly below which lead to information on acupressure points that can assist with various common conditions as well as the general preservation of health:Acupressure

  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Blocked Sinuses
  • Tired Eyes
  • Knee and Ankle soreness

Acupressure is not to be confused with the term Acupuncture, the later describing the ‘puncture/needling’ of specific regions or ‘points’ on the body. However, the two forms of therapy both have the primary intention of engaging specific regions of the body and inducing a therapeutic effect via the meridian system. Furthermore, it is important to note that although the two ‘terms’ differ in their meaning, when used in the acupuncture clinic the two forms of therapy can go hand in hand. An example of this is using ones fingers to palpate and ascertain the acupuncture point & then needle said point. This integration of palpation prior to needling is both classical in its origins and certainly how I personally practice.

So, in a nutshell acupressure is a great form of therapy that can be self-administered by anyone at home who has received the appropriate guidance or by a qualified acupuncturist, & it can assist in health maintenance or in the relief of a particular signs/symptom.